Neuromod Games

Research and Development

Neurogames are digital games that interface directly with the nervous system as a game mechanic.

The goal of Neuromod Games © is to research and develop neurogames so as to make them more accessible to the game development community as well as the gamer community.

Neuromod Games are based upon the following three building blocks:


Neurogames make use of Brain-Computer Interfaces and Neuromotor Sensors to detect, record and interpret neural activity. It is up to developers to make use of this information to create innovative and engaging game mechanics.

The wielder the technology, the easier it will be to adopt for interested neurogamers!


Neuromodulation refers to the technology that acts directly upon the nervous system. They alter nerve activity through electrical or pharmaceutical means.

The less invasive the technology, the easier it will be to innovate and upgrade neurogames!


Neurorights are the evolving ethical and legal foundations that regulate the use and development of advanced technologies that concern the brain as an organ and the mind as a cognitive phenomenon.

The stronger the neurorights, the safer neurogamers will be!