Neurogames Lecture 2022

This is a lecture I gave as a part of the Ludic Studies course of 2022 for the Interactive Media department at Noroff University College. Here I talk about what inspired neurogames in fiction, as well as what technologies make neurogames a real possibility.

A Psychonaut Game Pitch

First step on the design process: conceptualization. Here I demonstrate how I used a framework as part of my conceptualization process from Nathan Semertzidis:

Neurogames: A reflection on neuroethics

This is a short reflective entry on the potential of neurogames as media that interact directly with the feelings of the players, as they use these feelings as part of the mechanic of the game.

Neurosity UE5 Template: First Steps

I started building on top of my previous experiment. I found out a few bugs with the Node.js plugin but I was able to find some workarounds.

Here's a link to my project if you want to try it out for yourself:

Neurosity Web App: A Quest for an MVP

I decided to go ahead and reproduce one example given by Neurosity in CSS/JS, but in in Unreal Engine 5 this time. Seems the Crown is not as easy to plug and play when it comes to game design, but at least it's a good start.

Here's a link to my project if you want to try it out for yourself:

Neurosity Crown: First Impressions

This is what I discovered when testing the Crown. It looks quite cool. The developers are still ironing out a few things here and there but it's very end-user friendly.

I was able to use it with Unreal Engine 5, so I think I will continue my project with this handsome new gadget.

EMOTIV INSIGHT: First Impressions

These are my first thoughts and findings after I first unboxed my INSIGHT.
It looks cool, but it has a bit of a barrier of entry.

The good news is that it has Unity support out of the box, but this specific model has absolutely no support for Unreal. Other models may have a workaround but this one is a bit too niche, it seems....

Nov 2020 : Neurogames are Nigh

A presentation made for the Technically Games Conference Australia on November 2020.